Interviewing author and DJ, Dave Haslam.

Interviewing author and DJ, Dave Haslam.

Chairing a panel after Nathaniel Hall’s ‘First Time’ at Sale Waterside Arts.

Chairing a panel after Nathaniel Hall’s ‘First Time’ at Sale Waterside Arts.

talks & workshops

Places I have spoken and things I have learned:

Compere for HOME Inspires takeover of ‘Propel’ at Push Festival, HOME, Jan 2019.
Theatre 1 was the venue for this astonishing showcase of performance work from a diverse range of Manchester community groups. Music, theatre, poetry and more. I felt very proud to compere this loving and challenging event for Manchester.

Critical Art Writing Development Workshop with Laura Roberston, Editor of The Double Negative, Jan 2019.
As part of my new role writing for art journal The Fourdrinier, I was lucky enough to be able to take part in this genius workshop with talented writer/editor Laura and fellow writers. Such smart and useful writing / editing strategies, along with challenging group crits, got me fully psyched up for this new challenge.

The RebeccaNeverBecky Guest List Podcast, Episode 1, Dec 2018.
Had a great time talking with Rebecca Swarray and Oskar Marchock on an episode with other terrific guests. Listen here.

Chair of the panel, ‘First Time’ by Nathaniel Hall, Dec 2018.
Chaired an incredible discussion with playwright/performer Nathaniel and members of the George House Trust Positively Speaking project. Rare chance to have a grown-up honest public conversation about life with HIV in Manchester, was honoured to play a small part.

Flashmob Collective, with Avram Finkelstein, HOME, Nov 2018.
Artist, educator, member of the SILENCE = DEATH collective, and Gran Fury, and ACT UP New York activist, Avram Finkelstein led a day-long ‘flash collective’, an experiment in political art-making that resulted in a digital intervention in the screens at the HOME foyer. Our resulting work was entitled Body Language (see left). “We all have a BODY in common. Is yours legal, desirable, sick, sexy, legislated against, celebrated, fetishised, HIV positive, enough?”

Conversation Circle with Rosanne Robertson, AIR Gallery, Altrincham, Oct 2018.
Part of Rosanne’s excellent ‘To The Ground’ show. I led a conversation with the artist about the show and her practice, taking in materials and materiality, lesbian art, queer objects and working class art, eventually absorbing the whole room which was our ambitious intention!

Author interview with Dave Haslam, May 2018.
I hosted an on-stage interview with the author and DJ about his new memoirs, 'Sonic Youth Slept On My Floor', at Manchester's King Street Festival.

Assessing need/desire for an LGBT+/Queer Film Festival for Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan University, May 2018.
I devised, curated and hosted this 4 hour workshop for Manchester Metropolitan University, with 3 special guest speakers and 20 attendees in which we discussed existing models of queer film festivals, the role of the queer film festival in community and activism, and ways this might be brought into existence for Manchester.

Sex, Drugs & Criminality, The Lowry, May 2018.
Part of ‘Teentalitarianism’, the young programmer's takeover at Week 53 Festival, I was a panellist on a gameshow-style discussion event looking at these most thorny of subjects. Brave and exhilarating programming!

Artist Inspiration Day, Manchester Jewish Museum, May 2018.
I was selected to join a group of 15 artists to devise and brainstorm creative solutions for Manchester Jewish Museum during their temporary relocation to Central Library and forthcoming exciting capital expansion. 

LGBT+/Queer Research & Policy Showcase, Manchester Metropolitan University, Feb 2018.
I facilitated a knowledge-sharing session between academics from Manchester Metropolitan University and policy makers from Manchester City Council and key LGBT+ charities to share the focus of work with a view to finding common ground and strategic opportunities.

Introduction to Performance, Portico Library, Jan 2018.
I attended this exciting workshop by artist Nicola Dale on tips and strategies for beginning performance work.

De(Construction): Developing the Creative Scene, DIY Style, Jan 2018.
I gave a talk about the many projects I’ve been involved in as a creative practitioner with a DIY approach, which led me to a more paid and supported field of work.

Radical Space is the Place, Texture, Nov 2016.
I was a guest panelist on a discussion of the subcultural roots of nightlife, focussing on what has happened to nightlife in the context of austerity, gentrification and dispossession.

Queer(ing) Politics: What role for art and culture?, Partisan, June 2016.
I chaired a panel on queer culture, identity and politics which you can watch here.

Working in the Arts, Salford University, Feb 2013.
Lecture for Salford undergraduates on working in the arts, cultural production, freelancing and establishing a cultural presence.